Liss & Marion Personal Injury Newsletter | Spring 2016

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Liss & Marion Wins Jury Verdict In Limited Tort Case

Hard work and creativity can turn “lemons to lemonade.” In a recent Philadelphia case, Liss & Marion won a jury verdict for Bob who had “limited tort rights.” The insurance company refused to consider any settlement.

Bob had selected “limited tort” auto insurance which required him to convince a jury that his injuries were “serious” as defined by Pennsylvania law. Otherwise, he would not have been entitled to any compensation for his injuries. Liss & Marion fought aggressively for Bob in order to win this jury verdict.

Liss & Marion also represented Denise who was in the same accident. Unlike Bob, she had “full tort” auto insurance. Liss & Marion was able to successfully settle her case without a trial. With “full tort”, Denise quickly recovered the maximum insurance that was available.

Liss & Marion strongly recommends that you and your family purchase full tort as well as uninsured motorist and underinsured motorist coverage. This will best protect you in the event of a future accident. As a courtesy to all of its clients, the firm will conduct a free review of your motor vehicle insurance to be sure that you are fully protected.